SteriHands (Hand Sanitizer) 5ltr


2,500.00 1,500.00

Kills 99.99 % Germs Instantly.

76 % Alcohol

WHO Approved Formula

No Water/ No Towel Required

Fight Germs Up to 10 Hours

Fragrance – Lavender

Colour       – Sea Blue




  • Kills 99.99% Germs Instantly.
  • 76% Alcohol
  • Gives your Hand Immunity.
  • Fight Germs for up to 10 hours without use of Water & Towel.
  • Pleasant & Great Lavender Fragrance makes you Fell Fresh & Calm
  • Cleanses & Moisturizer Hands, makes them Smooth.
  • Does not Dry Skin
  • Easy and Convenient way to get 99.99% Germ Free Hands.
  • Provides defense against germs without having to make a trip to the Wash Basin.
  • Keep it when you want to eat something quickly or to have germ free hands wherever you are.
  • STERIHANDS Hand Sanitizer comes in 500 ml & 5 Litre Pack


           USAGE: Just take sufficient quantity and apply on your Palm.

          Spread & Rub over back of your Hands and Fingertips until Dry.

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