Citralim-XT Super Immunity Booster Chewable Tablets 4 Packs of 60 Tablets (60 Tablets)

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Chewable Tablets, Orange Flavour, Pack of 15 tablets per strip.

Citralim-XT     is a unique combination of Proven Immunity Boosters like Vitamin C, Citrus Aurantifolia extract, Curcuminoids, Zinc and Amino Acids.

Citralim-XT is recommended to be taken regularly to build and maintain a strong, healthy immune system and prevent illness.



Key Benefits :


CITRUS AURANTIFOLIA  in Citralim XT  is the Main source of vitamin- C, An anti-oxidant, helps build strong immunity.

 CURCUMINOIDS  in Citralim –XT Stimulate & Modulate Immune System cells.

VITAMIN-C   is   an Essential Vitamin & potent antioxidant, Helps encourage the production of White Blood Cells known as Lymphocytes and   Phagocytes , which help protect against infection.

 ZINC   Plays a central role in the immune system and is essential for normal development and functioning of immunity.

 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS like DL-Methionine, L-Valine ,L-Leucine  and L-Threonine   Protect cells from oxidative damage, increases antibodies and  Modulate  Immune System.

 DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Citralim-XT is recommended to taken as 2 Tablets per day  or as directed by your healthcare provider.

 Highly Safe & Effective for long term use

Recommended for Men & Women, Children  & Elderly.

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