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Top pharmaceutical company in india
About us

  • We are a leading pharmaceutical company & stands amongst the top 100 pharmaceuticals of India. 
  • We offer better health possibilities with our 300+ products, in the Indian pharmaceutical markets, which covers wide therapeutic segments.
  •  Today we are positioned as a strong player in  Indian Pharmaceutical market that apart from pharmaceuticals also offers relevant Personnel care & OTC solutions to ensure healthcare & well being of the mankind with our high quality & affordable products.

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11th floor,Kirti Shikhar Building, 1104-1105, Janakpuri District Center, Janakpuri, Delhi, 110058

We Drive Your Sales Upward

Our super-active pan india market network lets us maximize your sales.


NAVA Healthcare, which means a new beginning that influence things to create new things, has turned into a fastest growing pharmaceutical company in India where we seek to improve the care of millions of people by providing world class pharmaceutical products in terms of quality, safety & efficacy.


The force behind the advancements in therapeutics is steady dedication and an enthusiastic workforce, with mutual respect, sensitivity towards their needs and empathetic work conditions, the well qualified staff and workers are motivated to achieve higher goals for their personal growth and for the betterment of the company so that they feel proud to be associated with us. 

By enabling access to global markets, we work to treat the public health threats and provide a better life to our customers.

Commitment To Excellence

Our team is highly qualified and experienced, continuously effort to improve our products in every possible manner, if there is scope for improvement, we achieve it. 

Environment Conducive To Growth

The Company complies to all requirements laid down under the Schedules of Drugs and Cosmetics Act. The constant focus on quality has infused vigour into our quest for the best and has manifested itself

Constant Innovation

Through Research & Development activities, our team is always committed to finding better alternatives to more expensive and less feasible products, which can be mass produced for the benefit of entire mankind.


Our Product Development Team is focused towards developing new drug formulations for existing and newer drug products and improving the existing products. Our highly qualified and well experience technical team works to improve the life of millions of people by their innovations developed to tackle the threatening disorders around the world. We have earned a name for keeping up world-class quality over our entire manufacturing units.


Our products reflect our emphasis on development including tablets, containers, injectable, creams, and liquids. We stay focused on giving affordable pharmaceutical products of worldwide quality to patients everywhere. Our quality in worldwide markets encourages us in being receptive to local treatment needs while continuously enhancing our worldwide product offering.Each product is intended to be the best in the market.


We have highly motivated and experienced team which ensures that each and every product manufactured and distributed, complies international standards of quality and safety that are expected of a global pharmaceutical company. We make good health available to the underestimated networks and society. With dynamic hands-on work, committed research and dedicated efforts of the individuals who work in the background to battle illness and ailment, we help the greatest number of individuals as we can to guarantee their entitlement to health.

Human Welfare

To develop and make readily available, affordable medicines that are adept for the prevention and treatment of diseases. We intend to change India by making cost-effective products for the uplifting of poorest of poor living in remote areas of the country.

Social Responsibility

We feel a great sense of responsibility towards improving the quality of life for our customers that we seek to fulfil by creating innovative formulations which we also keep striving to continuously improve on the sides. We are consistently focused on consumer needs and are committed to always work towards the welfare of our customers; thereby contributing towards the betterment of society.


Nava Healthcare always ensures that our products, intended to alleviate pain and misery through medicine, strictly adhere to the highest standards of global standards of quality.


Our organization strongly believes in innovation, the only tool that is needed to satisfy the needs of the ever evolving healthcare system; as well as to increase our share in eradicating threats to public healthcare. 

Our team’s abundant efforts help us brainstorm and then successfully present new products with world-class efficiency, affordability and usability.


Nava Healthcare while aiming for the highest of successes of the Indian pharmaceutical market endeavour to develop a work culture that provides every team member with an equal opportunity for growth. With the help and usage of fair practices, our organization aims to expand our national limits and help create a better quality of life for society.


Our organization works together as one whole team, instead of several different units. Nava Healthcare’s cornerstones of business are honesty and integrity that inculcate trust that is paramount to our organization.

Our core Values

  • We seek to build long lasting and strong relationships with all our clients and associates; partnering with our associates in their needs and thus developing lasting values.
  • We work to ensure value for our clients by providing them with quality and affordable products on time.
  • The organization places great importance on the welfare of its employees and helps them grow comprehensively both personally and professionally.
  • We share ideas, innovations and the best of practices.
  • We encourage our employees to follow the work hard and play hard motto while also having fun in their work.
  • We endeavour to always put forward our personal and professional best by providing our customers, the highest quality healthcare capable.
  • We care and always act mindfully and with empathy.
  • We have committed ourselves to unceasing improvement and seek to become the bar of the recognized performance standards in the pharmaceutical industry.
  1. We are leading pharmaceutical company & stands amongst the top 100 pharmaceuticals of India
  2. Today we are positioned as a strong player in  Indian Pharmaceutical market that apart from pharmaceuticals also offer relevant Personnel care & OTC solutions to ensure healthcare & well being of the mankind with our high quality & affordable products

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